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Re: How to use -dbg packages?

Le dim 27 août 2006 20:03, D. Michael McIntyre a écrit :
> On Sunday 27 August 2006 3:51 am, Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
> > It would have been great to install it, if when the KDE application
> > crashed, and the KDE crash handler collected the crash information
> > to send to the developers, it would use the debug symbols from
> > those -dbg packages.
> That would require a lot of Debian-specific hacking in KDE, and
> presupposes you're running a stable distro where the -dbg packages in
> the repository will match whatever you're currently running.  Not
> likely on Sid.

that's completely wrong as well. the -dbg packages are built at the asme 
time as the other packages (I even explained rouglhy how this was done) 
so if you pick packages from the same distribution at a given time, you 
will have -dbg and the applications that match.

the -dbg packages depends upon the applications they contains the symbol 
of anyway.

the -dbg are not installed by default because even if it does not use a 
single byte of memory, they take a lot of disk space.
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