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moving konqueror's bookmarks.xml to a new system


I recently got a new computer, but kept all my /home directory in a hard
drive I'm mounting on a subdirectory in my new /home within the new
system.  I thought my previous konqueror bookmarks.xml file could simply
be placed within the new ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror directory, as my new
user name is the same.  Although now konqueror reads and displays my
bookmarks, it refuses to save any changes I make to them, with the

---<---------------cut here---------------start-------------->---
Unable to save bookmarks in . Reported error was: Permission denied. This
error message will only be shown once. The cause of the error needs to be
fixed as quickly as possible, which is most likely a full hard drive.
---<---------------cut here---------------end---------------->---

I've googled for this extensively, but no posts really describe this
issue.  Any pointers you may have would be appreciated.



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