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Remote logins with KDM

I have recently acquired a new laptop, on which I am running Debian
Sarge. It's fine for outside use and so on, but I would like also to use
it as a "thin client" for my desktop (also running Sarge) when at home.

I found
http://ithacafreesoftware.org/Members/mitch/notebook/debian/ltsp/ and
followed the instructions for "Setting up remote X server (XDMCP)
sessions". From my laptop, I can use Xnest to bring up kdm on my desktop
and log in successfully.

However, I cannot log in directly, without launching KDE on the laptop
first. When running a local login session on the laptop, I choose "Start
New Session" from the K menu to bring up a new KDM window, and select
"Remote Login" there. I can see the desktop in the list of available
servers, but when I double-click its hostname, KDM flickers and

Any suggestions?

Dave Page <grimoire@sparky.ox.compsoc.net>
Jabber: grimoire@jabber.earth.li

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