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Re: Official prize Notification

What the hell are you trying to say ?

I should include the debian-kde-list in my reply-to line ? Wouldn't that create more noise ?
And what 'noise' am I making with the few ASCII my message produced ? Did YOU hand over the information about the fraud or what ? Or did you just only feel compelled to point a useless finger at the one who didn't cause the original problem ? And has the information about the first spammer ( I'll consider myself the 2nd , O.K ? ) redirected to your mentioned list ?

Forget it .. don't answer. I already regret having bothered.

Willem Huisman.

----- Origineel bericht -----
Van: "Alex Nordstrom" <lx@se.linux.org>
Aan: willemhuisman@checkjemail.nl, debian-kde@lists.debian.org
Verzonden: Monday, August 28, 2006 04:52 PM
Onderwerp: Official prize Notification
 Please don't exclude the list with your Reply-To line, and please don't 
 add to the noise. If you want to help, redirect (not forward) spam to 
 Alex Nordstrom
 Please do not CC me in followups; I am subscribed to debian-kde.

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