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Re: Using search index within KDE help center

Am Donnerstag 31 August 2006 18:01 schrieb Andre Massing:
> AFAIK I haven't installed any special program for getting this additional
> entry (called "Build search index") in the "Settings" menu. But in order to
> actually build that index I had to install the htdig package, which is
> suggested by khelpcenter. BTW I use sid and KDE 3.5.4.
> It is unclear to me why to provide to build a search index without giving a
> hint in the documentation how to actually *use* it...But probably I am just
> to eyeless to find the right button :-)

In the dialog where the index building progress bar is, there is also a button 
to show more details. There, it tells you that htdig was not found.

Additionally, the khelpcenter package Suggests: htdig.


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