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Turn off Konqueror's unhelpful XML parsing


I like Konqueror as a web browser, but there is one small gripe I have about 
it.  Whenever it gets an XML file to display, it assumes it knows how to 
parse it properly.  Nine times out of ten however, this just results in it 
taking all the CDATA nodes, trimming any whitespace and spitting them out all 
concatenated together.  Not very nice, especially when it ends up doing it to 
SOAP messages or XML config files.  Doubly so when previewing XML files in 

What I'd really like it to do, when it doesn't specifically know how to parse 
an XML file (e.g. exceptions for XHTML, etc.) is just to display the source 
code (like Firefox and, dare I say, IE do).  Is there any way to tell 
Konqueror "look, I appreciate your positive attitude but just show me the raw 
XML and *I*'ll decide what it means"?


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