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Re: kmail instance separately starting

Andy Parkins wrote:

> I had the same problem.  It's a complicated chain, but the "fault" turned out
> to be that I had kopete set to auto-start, kopete is set to use the address
> book link for my contacts, I also keep my address book as a groupware folder
> in kmail.  Now, when kopete starts, it asks the addressbook for the names of
> my contacts, which needs the groupware facilities from kmail to get at the
> folder.

Exactly same setup here. My address book is also a groupware folder.
Thanks for pointing it out. :-)
> The only viable solution I have is to not start kopete automatically.
> Pathetic I know, but in the end it's a lot less annoying that trying to
> unstitch the kontact-without-kmail and separate-kmail mess.  In the meantime,
> kopete can easily lose all the address book links and all the names revert to
> the contact-defined name.

Did you file a bug for this ?

Ritesh Raj Sarraf
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