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Re: Alternative to the broken Panel

Vic Koci said...
> Hi all.
> marc wrote:
> > Hi, 
> > 
> > As diagnosed in another thread, the Panel is now broken, whereby the 
> > font colour used is the "Window Text" colour. This font colour is also 
> > used for menus. This is fine when the colour you want to use for menus 
> > is the same as that in the panel, but when it merges into the background 
> > image, then it's unusable.
> > 
> > Is there an alternative to the inbuilt panel for KDE? Preferably one 
> > that isn't quite so bizarre in its "design" decisions!
> > 
> The only way out that i can see, is change your KDE background colour.
> In the Control Center -> Appearance & Themes -> Colours, then in the
> Widget Colour you can change the KDE background & other things.
> Anybody with another solution?
> Hope this helps.

Thanks for trying :-) I'm going to stay on an earlier release and put it 
on hold. Maybe I should think about forking the code too and tidy up its 


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