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Re: Konqueror and auto-opening local .html files

Op woensdag 9 augustus 2006 06:57, schreef John O'Hagan:
> Hi,
> I'm running testing and have lately noticed a change in Konqueror's
> behaviour when dealing with local HTML files.
> If I open a folder which contains certain files (so far all called
> index.html), Konqueror will automatically open that file as a web
> page, which means one cannot browse the rest of that folder as a
> file-manager.
> If I rename that file (obviously in a terminal), the behaviour
> reverts to normal; but just creating an HTML file called index does
> not reproduce the behaviour.
> I can still view the other files in the folder using ls, or by the
> drop-down list in the location bar, I just can't browse normally.
> As you can probably tell, I don't know enough about HTML to know
> whether this behaviour is actually required for web browsing or not,
> but it is annoying when a folder contains mixed file types.
> Is there away to control this?

Yes there is,

In 'View', look at the second option in the menu, called 'use 
index.html' or something (using Dutch version over here, I hope I've 
translated it to the correct string).

Kind regards, 

Peter Palm

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