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Re: How to use -dbg packages?

El domingo, 27 de agosto de 2006 23:59, Alejandro Exojo escribió:
> Sorry to stress this again (and correct me if I'm wrong), but NO, there is
> no penalty in runtime if you install a -dbg package. The binaries you
> execute, are not linked to the debugging symbols, so, the system is not
> clever, it just does what it normally does.
> If and only if the application crashes, drkonqui will start gdb, and gdb
> will use the information in /usr/lib/debug/.

	I was wondering if KDE packages recommend (or at least suggest) 
installing -dbg packages.  In today times, when hard disk space is usually 
very cheap, it could be nice to have all the related symbols.  Maybe a note 
in Description field would be nice as well.

	I will send a note to Isaac regarding this issue.

	Best regards,

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