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On 8/30/06, Alejandro Exojo <suy@badopi.org> wrote:
El Miércoles, 30 de Agosto de 2006 14:32, Terry Henderson escribió:
> I found that KDE had somehow lost all application entries from it's
> Kmenu and was told I might be able to fix that by just updating KDE,
> which I did.
> So, the bottom line is that I updated a lot of stuff and at some
> point, it seemed as if I was fixing things, but things took a downward
> turn and lost KDE functionality.

If you removed the backports.org entry, you can try to remove all installed
packages from there (ask for help if don't know how), including


 KDE. If you
get rid of all packages from backports, you can install KDE from a safe
source again.

Not sure which ones I need to get rid of.  (Did not make a list and
don't know for sure what all was installed.)
Maybe there's some method to finding which ones were installed from backports?

And if you need up to date KDE and openoffice, maybe you can just dist-upgrade
to testing (etch) or unstable. I'm not using it, but I think it's close to
being frozen.

Is this correct?:
apt-get dist-upgrade etch


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