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Re: Device icons lost from desktop (KDE 3.5.3)

Thanks for all the good suggestions.

After all it looks like I may have misunderstood how the device icons
should _now_ behave (appear/disappear).

It used to be that I always had auto-created icons present on desktop
for the devices mentioned in my fstab (2 usbmem devices, cd reader
(really a dvd reader) and a cd writer). I didn't have hal and yet
I had icons, they changed after mounting these devices. Then I upgraded,
icons disappeared and weren't coming back. I installed HAL and this
changed nothing, even though "enable HAL backend" was on in Control

But by turing it off and back on I managed to get the device icons back
(and crash kded). I'm pretty sure they'll be missing again the next
time I log in. They also misbehave... one of the USB sticks in KDE's
view has gotten in a state opposite to reality, i.e., if it's
mounted and I open it, it tries to mount it again, complains and
fails to open, if it ain't mounted, it shows it as mounted, doesn't
mount and therefore opens as empty... very entertaining. Sorry,
I'm getting off-topic.

Today's big discovery (for me), though, is the following: with HAL
present, hal-backend enabled, it seems the device icons are not
supposed to show on desktop unless removable media really are
inserted in the respective devices. When I do insert something,
an icon tends to show up. Can't swear that it happened 100% of the
time, but it did happen most of the time. I'll keep an eye on
these things now. I had been so sure that the icons always have
to be present that I hadn't actually tried inserting anything.

Anyway, thanks very much for your help.

  Martins Krikis

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