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Re: Bug#381321: kopete: Client is too old for ICQ

Christopher Martin wrote:
On Saturday 05 August 2006 08:12, Daniel Huhardeaux wrote:
Christopher Martin wrote:
As stated elsewhere, a fixed package is now in the archive. It
looks like the ftp.us.debian.org mirror (and perhaps others?) is
having problems, however, as it has not been updated in several
days. Try another mirror, and the fixed packages should be
I tried:

ftp.fr.debian.org and got a new version

ii  kopete                3.5.4-2               instant messenger for

Same problem. I then change to


No updates, so problem still remain.

So you installed kopete 3.5.4-2, restarted KDE (let's err on the side of caution here) and kopete still doesn't work with ICQ? Can you confirm that? Because KDE upstream claims to have fixed the problem...
See my last message, my bad: I didn't restart kopete so it was still the previous version who was running. I stop it -no need to restart KDE- and start it again: now it works.

I'm very confusing to not have pay more attention on what I did after upgrade and have take your time. Apologize.



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