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Re: Kmail and spamassasin bayes rule.

On Wednesday 30 August 2006 00:17, Raúl Sánchez Siles wrote:
>   Hello:
> <intro>
>   After some thiking I finally decided to move from Thunderbird to Kmail.
> This was some months ago. After some problems with the mail solved by
> kmailcvt and others[1] I made kmail work with no problems.
>   Then I tried to configure spamassasin so that kmail could manage spam.
> After testing some time, I noticed that I was quite happy with the TB
> simple bayes spam filter. I know that there are also some simple bayes
> filter that work with kmail (e.g.: bogofilter) but I thought that since SA
> is well known to be the best and the most used spam filter I decided for
> it.
> </intro>
>   I have it configured and runs quite well, but it seems for me that the
> bayes training (sa-learn) is not working properly. As the wizard defines I
> have a rule for spam and another for ham. both at the end of the filter
> pipeline so they are never run automatically, instead of that I have some
> icons on the main bar for that.
>   The spam rule action is this: sa-learn -L --spam --no-sync
>   The ham rule action is this: sa-learn -L --ham --no-sync
>   After some training I have the impression that this is not working
> properly and my suspicion is that kmail is not passing the whole e-mail to
> sa-learn so that it could learn the tokens.

The reason is the --no-sync option which stores what is learned outside the 
main spamassassin database. You need to manually run 'sa-learn --sync' from 
time to time, to incorporate the learned results into the spamassassin 
database. You could instead remove the --no-sync options, but that would slow 
down the spam filtering operations so is not a good idea if you receive much 

David Jarvie.

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