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Truncated text strings in GTK applications after KDE update to 3.5.4


I'm curious if anyone experiences similar problems as me with GTK-base 
applications after KDE update to 3.5.4.

Obviously the problem is related to GTK-applications (like GIMP or firefox, 
which I'm using all the time): only the first word of sentences is shown. 
E.g. if I browse to www.debian.org, it should say "What is Debian?" on the 
front page, but can only read "What" in my firefox, the rest is simply 
blank - as you can see on the screenshot:


If I start just X (without any KDE) and run firefox or GIMP, all text strings 
are okay. I can even start some KDE applications like kdesktop, kicker, kwin 
without any impact on firefox. But as soon as I invoke "startkde", 
font-problems are back.

My first thought was that maybe gtk2-engines-gtk-qt causes this problem - but 
I've purged it and removed all user-related config files and still I can see 
all text strings in firefox.

Has anyone the same problem? Maybe any suggestions how to fix this? 

kind regards,


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