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Re: moving konqueror's bookmarks.xml to a new system

On Sunday 06 August 2006 1:15 pm, Seb wrote:

> Yes, I should have mentioned that all my files "look" fine this way:

If they do, they're fine then.  You can't have two "my_user" users with 
different UIDs.

> | -rw-------  1 my_user my_user 101287 2006-08-06 02:58 bookmarks.xml

> except for the the "w" permissions for group, as in your example, which
> begs the question: how did it generate such permissions after having
> deleted that entire directory?

I have no idea, but it shouldn't matter if you're running as yourself.  You 
have write access.  That's what counts.  I looked at my own, and I have a 
mixed bag of files with 600 (rw-------) and 644 (rw-r--r--) permissions, and 
all the diretories are 700 (rwx------).

> This is driving me insane.

It's perplexing me too.   Try this:

cd  ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/
touch bookmarks.xml
touch foo

Here's how it's supposed to look:

me@here:~$ cd ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror
me@here:~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror$ touch bookmarks.xml
me@here:~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror$ touch foo

Basically nothing visible should happen, in other words.  If you pass this 
test, then this isn't where your permission problem is, or you don't have a 
permission problem after all.

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