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2.2 release news item About problems with wml Away for 9 days Re: Bad links in the install documents on the website Bug#14542: marked as done ( Open Hardware up to date?) Bug#46723: marked as done ( unwanted (?) http: link from https: pages) Bug#46755: marked as done (listarchives: debian-x list miscategorized) Bug#49685: acknowledged by developer (pointers/archive of debian-user-de) Bug#49685: marked as done (pointers/archive of debian-user-de) Bug#49888: marked as done (listarchives: Links of glimpse search results not found (even older ones)) Bug#57375: marked as done (lists-archives should show current year (2000) first) Bug#57522: marked as done (Y2k bug in ML search page) Bug#57796: marked as done ( packages search engine doesn't find 'bug' package) Bug#58524: marked as done (libz1 -> zlib1g: version needed?) Bug#59322: marked as done (i386 'linux' kernel file has content type 'text/plain') Bug#60268: marked as done ( search default broken) Bug#61735: marked as done ( mailing list search has y2k bug) Bug#62549: marked as done (the home page is in Russian) Bug#62590: marked as done ( Mailing list archive search is broken - nothing returned) Bug#62815: listarchives: does not list gnomehack list Bug#65248: marked as done (broken link on w.d.o/devel/misc/) Bug#65403: marked as done (Incorrect/incomplete package search) Bug#65966: marked as done ( Y2K bug in mailing list archive search date list) Bug#66589: marked as done ('s certificate has expired) Bug#66923: marked as done ( and other are broken...) Bug#67323: marked as done ( search program not found) Bug#67468: marked as done (intro/why_debian.html talks about apt replacing dselect hopefully before slink) Bug#67614: marked as done (pages about ftp/web wirror should be up to date) Bug#67620: marked as done ( - what is this?) Bug#67770: marked as done (w.d.o/2.0 has obsolete link to slink page) Bug#67892: marked as done ( mailing list search on debian-perl does not work) Bug#68630: marked as done (Missing 'un' in potato release notes) Bug#68630: Missing 'un' in potato release notes Bug#68711 fixed. Bug#68825: marked as done (Path for debs on is wrong for potato) Bug#68825: Path for debs on is wrong for potato Bug#68885: marked as done (search packages broken) Bug#68887: marked as done ( is broken) Bug#68889: marked as done (search doesn't work (libc5 not found)) Bug#68892: marked as done (debian-x archive for August 2000 not available) Bug#68896: marked as done (security-announce falling out-of-date) Bug#69023: What is "free hardware"? (in distrib/packages.wml) Bug#69116: marked as done (Archives way behind) Bug#69175: marked as done (Many groups' august-2000 archive are broken links) Bug#69241: marked as done ( has no August messages) Bug#69304: Italian page not up to date Bug#69325: marked as done (listarchives: lists after debian-legal (inclusive) are not being archived) Bug#69431: German release info is outdated Bug#69473: german translation not in sync Bug#69739: acknowledged by developer (Mailing list archive search broken?) Bug#69739: Mailing list archive search broken? Bug#69739: marked as done (Mailing list archive search broken?) Bug#69739: marked as done (mailing list search only returns matches from July 2000) Bug#69762: marked as done ( New Maintainer application page does not POST application) Bug#69762: New Maintainer application page does not POST application Bug#69947: powerpc-pages out of date Bug#69985: broken link for staroffice .dsc Bug#70395: - (finnish translation) Bug#70395: marked as done ( - (finnish translation)) Bug#70603: Can we please list build-essential packages in Developer's Corner? Bug#70603: marked as done (Can we please list build-essential packages in Developer's Corner?) Build problems revisited Can anyone draw? cannot find people.names file Re: CD Vendors Re: CGI bug scripts CGIs Changes country codes and content negotiation Re: Cron <joy@master> /org/ CVS updates DB driven vendor page Debian push mirrors to be updated more than once per day Re: Debian WWW CVS: dutch Re: Debian WWW CVS: joy Re: dedication. Developers Corner and Packaging Manual [was Re: problems using debstd] distrib/vendors.CD Dutch translation of Ericsson Mobile Phone Logos error in translated page index.html A few comments on recent changes Re: A few comments on recent changes; ATTN: translators, DWN First Annual Linux User's Training Conference and Awards Presentation Indische Firma entwickelt fuer Sie Software mit Frontend in englisch oder deutsch. Intermediate fix to 69431/69473 mp4h seems to misparse the ê character as < Re: I want to become a CD vendor... linking to directories without index.html | website mirroring issues Linux Users Forum and Awards Presentations - 30 Oct 2000 - Wash. D.C. AWARDS... EXHIBIT AND SPONSOR OPPORTUNITIES listarchives now under debwww jurisdiction listarchives rebuild time lists archives | disk space not updating some lists making web changes for releases easier more on scripts News item? [ copyright breakage] Re: [nm-admin] How to reject an applicant Norwegian language codes Re: Out of date translations Packages is hosed parts of the website build hang for a very long time people.names Re: permissions in ~debian/lists on master Re: Please control your links to Re: potato release notes missing Problems Processed: downgrade Processed: Intermediate fix to 69431/69473 Processed: Merge Processed: reassign Processed: Re: Bug#69739 acknowledged by developer (Mailing list archive search broken?) Processed: Re: Bug#69739: Mailing list archive search broken? Processed: Re: listarchives: does not list gnomehack list Processed: This isn't a website bug, the lists.cfg file doesn't have debian-l10n-french Re: [ Re: Release Notes!!!] [ [ Re: GNU/Linux Cookbook addendum to addendum]] RSS file for Dutch news Re: Security of Debian SuX0r? segnalo il mio sito personale SPI pages not broken [was Re: various breakage] Re: A suggestion test Re: time to remove all .gif from the site Re: Translation error in Norwegian version of Updating www pages for 2.2 various breakage Website not updating AGAIN Website not updating? (Was: Re: Update for CD Vendors page) Where is mailing list archive for debian-user (aug)? wml issues, divert stuff and upgrade to wml2 wnpp stuff in english/devel WWW update The last update was on 13:03 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 280 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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