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lists archives | disk space

Hi people,

The lists archives aren't quite in a happy state right now, being run from
~maor, nobody but Guy and the admins can edit/fix anything. So I asked james
to make /org/lists.debian.org, writable to debwww people, and copied
~maor/debian-lists there and changed all (hopefully all) paths in files to
point to the new location. I'll see if I can get other files moved over
there, too.

I would expect that the lists-archives maintainer will be able to help with
this - Cesar Mendoza, are you a developer? My keyring doesn't include you...

Another interesting issue came up in the process - the size of the lists
archives, and the web site. Here are the stats:

[joy@master:~/web]% du -ks lists lists.debian.org
1501675 lists
2338910 lists.debian.org
[joy@master:~/web]% df
/dev/sdc5              6552815   4901831   1318039  79% /debian2/web
[joy@master:~/web]% echo '4901831-(1501675+2338910)' | bc

So it would seem more appropriate to call the partition "lists" rather than
"web" :)

[joy@master:~/web]% du -ks cgi.debian.org/ cron/ swish++/ webwml/ debian.org/
500     cgi.debian.org
2730    cron
23205   swish++
49189   webwml
961011  debian.org

The last number is also a bit deceiving, since the static BTS pages are
included in there, and they should get moved out to bugs.debian.org, too:

[joy@master:~/web]% du -ks debian.org/Bugs
421998  debian.org/Bugs

So, it seems the 'real' part of www.debian.org site is:

[joy@master:~/web]% echo '(961011-421998)+500+2730+23205+49189' | bc

Not bad, not bad :)

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