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Re: parts of the website build hang for a very long time

On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 11:08:52AM +0200, peter karlsson wrote:

> James A. Treacy:
> > BTW, the pages are now building with:
> > wml 2.0.2-1
> > mp4h 1.1.0-1.1
> > slice 1.3.7-0.1
> Because of the recent problems with making the web pages build on people's
> machines, I would recommend that you make the above info available somewhere
> under /devel/website

Suggestion: add a new package, say debian-wml, only useful for building
Debian website.  This monolithic package (composed of original wml
sources, and maybe some documentation on how to work on Debian website)
would be easier to maintain than a bunch of separate packages.
It should of course not conflict with wml. I agree this idea goes
against modularity, but i think it could save your time.

Just my 0.02 euros


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