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Re: Bug#69431: German release info is outdated

> http://www.debian.org/releases/index.de.html claims 'slink' to be the
> stable and 'potato' to be the unstable distribution. 'woody' is not
> mentioned.

Are there any German translators around, or are you on vacation? :)

I updated the main page to indicate that the 2.2 version is released (I
also did the previous update of that page, a few months back), and
unless someone from the German translation team updates the page listed
in the bug report steps forward and fixes the page, I can update it.
However, my German is a bit rusty, and that will probably introduce a
couple of linguistic errors.

If there are no active German translators, then perhaps that
translation should be temporarily purged until someone steps forward?

Are there any checks on which translations actually are maintained?
Perhaps we need to have some coordinated way of periodically checking
whether the translation teams are actually still working on the

Another suggestion; for the bugs on the website that are particular to
certain translators, perhaps we should create specific "sub-packages"
for each translation, so that the translation bug reports more easily
can be re-assigned to those responsible for them.

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