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Re: lists.debian.org not updating some lists

On Tue, Aug 08, 2000 at 05:13:49PM -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
> So it looks like every single one of these things is *fine* on master.
> But IIRC master is no longer where the lists stuff is hosted. So
> something is wrong here.
master contains the master copy of all the pages. These are then mirrored
to all the sites(*), including www.d.o. lists.debian.org is also generated
on master and then mirrored to va. This is rather silly and master
should be set up to serve lists.d.o directly.

> BTW, I can't see any way on earth that the 5coords script could be
> working on va either, as it references files in directories that do not
> exist.
The script isn't set up to work on va. va is simply a mirror like all the
other mirrors. All updates are done on master. Unlike the other mirrors,
though, va contains a mirror of everything that is web in case
master ever has a major outage.

> Just massively confused and annyoed. It looks like shit with the website 
> has managed to delay DWN AGAIN. 
Why? the daily site updates are working quite well. Any problems
with updating the list archives are orthogonal.

(*)You might be wondering why we don't simply have one machine that hosts
www.d.o, is where the daily updates are done, functions as the mirror
server and hosts cgi.d.o? Good question. Having everything on one machine
would greatly simplify many things. It is not clear that va has
the bandwidth to do it all. master probably could, but I'd want something
done about the BTS updates (incredible resource hog).

There are many things about the current setup that are really braindead,
but we weren't given many options in how it got set up.

James (Jay) Treacy

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