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wml issues, divert stuff and upgrade to wml2

Hi guys,

I noticed Anthony's changes to templates made all the pages look bad under
wml2, so I fixed it. What I noticed later is that the change makes the pages
look bad under wml1. >:< We could probably avoid this problem by undoing the
initial changes, I guess...

Anyway, I also noticed this in the daily build log:

Running make install -> wml

real    568m21.397s
user    400m42.290s
sys     31m6.000s

Nine and a half hours. :(

So I got wml 2.0.2 installed on master (hi Thing :) and am starting a
rebuild now. The package can be found in woody, and it installs fine on
potato machines. Considering everyone should be using potato nowadays
because it is the release named stable, this shouldn't be a problem.

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