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Re: Changes

On Sun, Aug 20, 2000 at 01:22:20PM +0200, peter karlsson wrote:
> > Besides, it's known that humans have less ability to concentrate on reading
> > text written in very short and very long columns. 80 characters (sometimes
> > less) is a common limit for e-mail and most other e-documents[1], so why not
> > use it in our wmls? 
> Because those aren't things that "normal" people access? It's just the
> source code for the web site.

That we have to edit and maintain. It's a pain to maintain obfuscated code,
and it's the same with the documentation. And we all know how people like
maintaining documentation even less than they like maintaining code. :(

> But I'm not really complaining about that, I'm complaining about
> combining formatting changes with content changes. On more than one
> occasion I've missed the content update because it was in the middle of
> a massive formatting update.
> If you need to do a formatting update and a content update, PLEASE do
> them as two separate commits. That way it's much easier to find what
> has actually been changed.

That I can agree with. Sorry, I'll try to do that next time.

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