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A few comments on recent changes

I just committed some changes to make life easier for everyone around
release time. There is a new file, english/releases/info, which contains
some data relating to the current release: release number, date of
release and whether there is currently a frozen distro.

All the distrib/packages.wml files have been modified to use this new
file. As usual when doing bulk updates, the translation version numbers
were not updated.

In the future we will use the generic terms for the releases (stable,
unstable, frozen) instead of their nicknames when appropriate. Places
that need information on the current release can grab that information
from english/releases/info. If you feel something should be added to
the file, ask on debian-www. For example, we may want to add tags for
the nicknames for the current releases, i.e. current_stable = potato,

Feel free to update places on the site that should be using this file.

Note that the file does not currently use slices. If you feel the
current format for information in releases/info is not appropriate
for your language we can easily change to using slices.

James (Jay) Treacy

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