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Re: lists.debian.org not updating some lists

On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, James A. Treacy wrote:

> (*)You might be wondering why we don't simply have one machine that hosts
> www.d.o, is where the daily updates are done, functions as the mirror
> server and hosts cgi.d.o? Good question. Having everything on one machine
> would greatly simplify many things. It is not clear that va has

VA these days has bandwidth, I just checked they have no problem with an

Do what ever makes your life saner and improves things were ever possible.

> the bandwidth to do it all. master probably could, but I'd want something
> done about the BTS updates (incredible resource hog).

Those are going to CGI, spin all of the BTS off to it's own subdomain and
leave it on master.
> There are many things about the current setup that are really braindead,
> but we weren't given many options in how it got set up.

Fix :>


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