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Can anyone draw?

  I'm still doing work on improving the New Maintainers website at
http://nm.debian.org/ and need some help.

I'd like to get some small icons done.  Doesn't have to be too flash.
I'd do it myself but I'm.. let's say I'm between permanent homes.. so
only have text (ssh) access.

Anyone out there got some artisitic flair that can assist me?

  - Craig
Craig Small VK2XLZ  GnuPG:1C1B D893 1418 2AF4 45EE  95CB C76C E5AC 12CA DFA5
Eye-Net Consulting http://www.eye-net.com.au/        <csmall@eye-net.com.au>
MIEEE <csmall@ieee.org>                 Debian developer <csmall@debian.org>

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