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Re: A few comments on recent changes; ATTN: translators, DWN

peter karlsson:

> Since I have fiddled around with that stuff before, I can have a look
> at it.

There, I now have a change that I have tested and at least gives good
results on the English, Swedish, German and Norwegian translation (my
knowledge of languages are a little limited beyond that, so I haven't
tested it).

Translators; please have a look at english/template/debian/ctime.wml,
especially at the %longmoy hash, the %spokendateformat hash and the
spokendate function. If you do not add anything, it will automatically
fall back to returning the same date format as is used for the news
articles and security reports.

If your language needs some special provisions (such as English has,
with "st/nd/rd/th" suffixes), and you don't know enough Perl to add
that in code, please ask here on the list.

Joey; could you please look into using spokendate to create the DWN
indexes? That would make the index pages of the translations look
nicer, I think, since the date would always be in the local language,
no matter whether the issue has been translated or not.

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