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Re: FWD: Re: A few comments on recent changes; ATTN: translators, DWN

peter karlsson wrote:
> Can't you just do a <:=spokendate($(PUBDATE)):> or similar? I think I used
> something like that when I fiddled with using the DWN summaries as meta
> description tags. Or perhaps the syntax was <:=spokendate("<PUBDATE>"):>
> there, I do not remember.

That works everywhere except for in a #use line, where it produces nice
error messages like:

Bareword found where operator expected at /tmp/wml.31115.tmp1.wml line 1203, near ""<H1>Debian Weekly News - <:=spokendate(); print "Contributing"
        (Missing operator before Contributing?)
syntax error at /tmp/wml.31115.tmp1.wml line 1203, near ""<H1>Debian Weekly News - <:=spokendate(); print "Contributing"
Missing right curly or square bracket at /tmp/wml.31115.tmp1.wml line 1357, at end of line
syntax error at /tmp/wml.31115.tmp1.wml line 1357, at EOF
Execution of /tmp/wml.31115.tmp1.wml aborted due to compilation errors.

see shy jo

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