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Re: permissions in ~debian/lists on master

Joost Kooij wrote:
> Hi,
> Please look into the permissions in master:~debian/lists.
> Several directories have weird modes, like no x bits set.
> As a result, I can not access many of the list archives.
> Are these the main list archives?  I hope not, because at
> least the debian-bugs-dist archive seems to be very
> incomplete.  Who maintains these archives?  listmaster?
> I see there are several bugs on bugs.debian.org/listarchives
> but packages.debian.org/listarchives gives little help.
> The bugs look nasty btw.  Should I offer assistance?

I haven't looked into the list archives.

There've been a couple of messages on debian-www indicating that the
debwww team is going to maintain the archives (at least the web
archives). The search engine should work again soon and a lot of bugs
have been fixed IIRC (I don't follow debian-www but I saw some

There are mbox files for a lot of lists on master in 
/debian2/org/lists.debian.org/lists, maybe those are more complete?

I Cc'd debian-www so that they can comment if they want to.


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