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Re: permissions in ~debian/lists on master

On Fri, Aug 25, 2000 at 11:34:37AM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
> > > Are these the main list archives?  I hope not, because at
> > > least the debian-bugs-dist archive seems to be very
> > > incomplete.  Who maintains these archives?  listmaster?
> It's the main and permanent archive of the lists, yes.
> The web archive is a different issue, not related to this.

(My previous message was referring only to web archives... I misparsed the
path Joost mentioned)

> > There've been a couple of messages on debian-www indicating that the
> > debwww team is going to maintain the archives (at least the web
> > archives). The search engine should work again soon and a lot of bugs
> This has been another hickup...  It's also unclear who maintains
> it and bugs get moved between Guy, Webteam and Listmaster until
> *somebody* fixes them, or nobody...

The web archives should now be maintained by the web people. (being
incomplete and indented only for viewing over the web pages, that seem the
right thing to do)

> > There are mbox files for a lot of lists on master in 
> > /org/lists.debian.org/lists, maybe those are more complete?
> Doh, what's that?
> Hmm, intersting... another archive.. dunno where it is from...

That's where the web archives now reside, it is the `official' place.
The old files under ~maor should be left to posterity or something :)

I didn't remember to CC: listmaster address on the message explaining what
happened, sorry. I can bounce a copy of it to you now...

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