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Re: more on lists.debian.org scripts

On Sun, 27 Aug 2000, Josip Rodin wrote:

> Hi,
> Cesar: you have been added to the debwww group on master.debian.org as of a
> few minutes ago (thanks Joey :). 


> You can now replace the old scripts with
> the new ones. Please do it step by step, keep the old files somewhere, and
> test your changes thoroughly before removing old files. See the
> /org/lists.debian.org/README file, I've updated it a bit.

For what I saw on /org/lists.debian.org/, the scripts for lists-archives
are simmilar but not compatible, so any change is going to have to be done
on the actual scripts 

> The updatemail script keeps failing (it is run from my crontab) with the
> message below. I think it's due to the fact that I can't write to most files
> in /org/lists.debian.org/www/debian-user-0008/ directory, but I'm not sure.

For what I saw, all the files still belong to maor and they are a lot of
them that are read-only for debwww. So this problem will go away when the
permissions are fixed.

> I've already asked the admins to fix those permissions, BTW. I've tried
> touching the .lck file as Jay suggested, but it didn't help.

> The warnings about /org/lists.debian.org/conf/ are due to my experiments
> with *.rc file placement. How do I track down which file still has the wrong
> path? (those files are now in /org/lists.debian.org/scripts/ directory)

There is no easy way, but most of the perl files have variables for the
configurations, so that should be esay to fix. 
> Once these problems are resolved, I'll set the crontab MAILTO variable to
> point to the -www mailing list. Cesar, be sure to subscribe to the list if
> you haven't already.


Cesar Mendoza
"The three golden rules to ensure computer security:
Do not own a computer, do not power it on, and do not use it."
  --Robert T. Morris

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