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Re: Updating www pages for 2.2

Joey Hess:

> I think we really could have handled this better -- like branched the
> web site last week and simply merged that branch in today. Oh well,
> there's always next time.

Like always :)

Anyway, if anyone would like to forcely rebuild the Swedish pages
before the next update is automatically run in 6 hours, please do so.
I've changed all the 2.2 updates for those pages.

Speaking about out-of-date translations, I just made some minor
changing to the Danish front page as well (indicating the 2.2 update)
(I don't know enough Danish to fix it all). If the Danish translator
doesn't step forward, I'd vote for them being purged (since they are
about 1.5 years old). The same goes for other translations that are
extremely out-of-date.

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