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Re: linking to directories without index.html | website mirroring issues

On Mon, Aug 21, 2000 at 10:42:06AM -0400, James A. Treacy wrote:
> > > Directories that are used as links should contain index.html as well as
> > > index.*.html. This is because an available variant with no language extension
> > > is displayed (index.html in this case) if no language can be agreed upon.
> > > This is why all the index.html are symlinks on the web site,
> > >    index.html -> index.en.html
> > 
> > Yes, I think both Adam and I knew that :) The question is whether we
> > want to link to those arch directories?

We don't, and we aren't, I was wrong...

> > Does it matter if the user finds the directory on his/her own and
> > notices a bunch of files instead of a nice index?
> If we care (and I have no opinion on this), we can not allow directory
> listings in the apache config or remove access on a per directory basis
> using .htaccess files.

Hm. Not sure.

> > > The mirrors are a royal pain. They really tie our hands when it comes to
> > > choosing how to implement things. Are they worth it? I'm not convinced.
> > 
> > Maybe we could pick a few mirrors whose maintainers would let us (Debian
> > people) an account, or some way of instant editing of a sub-httpd.conf file
> > (which they'd include in their /etc/apache/httpd.conf using the `include'
> > command).
> I'm sure we wouldn't get very far on this front.


> > On related note, we should make the push-mirrors pull every 12 or 8 hours
> > now that we don't depend on daily dinstall runs. (the /Packages files
> > rebuild should be skipped in that case, of course)
> How about doing this once we get rid of the bug pages from the archive?
> 8 hours is fine for most of the site, but I would be amenable to every
> 4 hours if it would make the security.d.o people happy.

You could change the crontab and decrease time by 4h, wait a day or two to
see if there's trouble, if not decrease again, and so on.

Then again, until we get new wml and slice installed on master, we can't go
to 4h, because the cronjobs would most likely overlap when the whole site is

Speaking of new slice - I uploaded a NMU 1.3.6-0.1 to unstable, and it is
indeed processing vendors.html fast like never before. However, it hangs
while processing some files, like /related_links.wml and
/releases/potato/index.wml :((( I have submitted a bug report to the
upstream WML author and mailing list (there was no slice mailing list)
already, hopefully someone will fix it soon. Unfortunately, Denis Barbier is
on vacation... (until when?)

> BTW, besides avoiding killing master (by having multiple major updates
> happening simultaneously), the reason we had the web updates start after
> the dinstall run was so the Packages pages would be closely synchronized
> with the actual ftp archive. We have lost this with the move to ftp-master.

Yes... I should ask doogie when does the mirroring auric->master happen, so
that we can time one of the web cronjob runs after that.

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