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parts of the website build hang for a very long time

I've been making some changes to DWN's templates, which is causing all
of News/weekly/ to be rebuilt. However, I've discovered that some of the
pages in there seem to hang wml forever, or at least for a very long

For example, cd webwml/english/News/weekly/1999/27 and run:

wml -q -D CUR_YEAR=2000 -DWML_SRC_REALNAME="Joey Hess" \
-DWML_SRC_USERNAME=joeyh -o UNDEFuEN:mail.en.html@g+w   mail.wml

It seems to get stuck in some slice handing code, with -v3, the last
thing I see is long list of slice begin and end points. Same thing happens 
in 1999/23/mail.wml, and about 10 more.

On my laptop, which has an outdated checkout of the web site (from before
when Make.common went away..), I don't see these problems; the same pages 
build in half a minute. I updated it to the current site and it's still
ok, so now I'm wondering if this is a potato/woody issue (my laptop runs
potato and doesn't have the problem; my desktop runs woody, and does).

BTW, I'll shortly be checking in a lot of changes to News/weekly/, but
my checkin in not causing the hang, I can reproduce it on the site as it
is right now too.

see shy jo

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