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Re: Changes

Josip Rodin:

> I guess you're really protesting against my latest changes to
> intro/why_debian.wml :)

Not only that, there has been other similar changes, and I'd thought
I'd complain a bit :)

> Besides, it's known that humans have less ability to concentrate on reading
> text written in very short and very long columns. 80 characters (sometimes
> less) is a common limit for e-mail and most other e-documents[1], so why not
> use it in our wmls? 

Because those aren't things that "normal" people access? It's just the
source code for the web site.

But I'm not really complaining about that, I'm complaining about
combining formatting changes with content changes. On more than one
occasion I've missed the content update because it was in the middle of
a massive formatting update.

If you need to do a formatting update and a content update, PLEASE do
them as two separate commits. That way it's much easier to find what
has actually been changed.

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