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Re: permissions in ~debian/lists on master

On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 08:43:21AM -0500, Remco van de Meent - Debian Listmaster wrote:
> > (BTW, can you tell me all the people behind
> > listmaster@list.debian.org so I can update
> > www.debian.org/devel/maintainer_contacts page, please?)
> I think Martin 'Joey' Schulze and me are the only people looking after
> the listmaster stuff at the moment.

What about Hanno Wagner and Alexander Koch?

> BTW If anyone in charge of bugs.debian.org is reading this, the
> 'lists.debian.org''s maintainer's full name for bugs may be changed as
> well :)

That's under ftpadmin jurisdiction; I'll tell them to change it.

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