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Re: country codes and content negotiation

On Fri, 25 Aug 2000, James A. Treacy wrote:

> This is about as bad as using symlinks. Maybe worse since we can easily
> automate the symlinks during the build and messing around with a type-map
> files would be a royal pain.

I don't see why.  It should be fairly easy to add a type-map entry target
to the build process of each html file that has a language extension.  
Or, possibly simpler, just have a perl script that searches the
directories for files with language extensions and builds up the type-map
file after a build.

OK, I admit that this is not as elegant as just telling Apache to truncate
Accept-Language preferences to just the first two characters, but unless
you want to contact the mod_negociation authors or hack the code yourself,
I don't see a whole lot of options.  Since this is not an urgent problem,
maybe asking the authors for an IgnoreLanguageDialects option is the best

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