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Re: Bug#69431: German release info is outdated

	I think this is difficul to do on a translation by translation
basis, but possible in a file by file basis (which would give many
indications). Please check the script that checks for translation
(check_trans.pl) a possible template used for warning users
(english/debian/template/translation-check.wml) and some international pages
(I think french and spanish) regarding this problem both for the WWW and
documentation using a (kind-of) DB ridden process (ltcp.pl) in
w.d.o/international/spanish (for example).

On Sat, Aug 19, 2000 at 11:50:25PM +0200, peter karlsson wrote:
> Are there any checks on which translations actually are maintained?
> Perhaps we need to have some coordinated way of periodically checking
> whether the translation teams are actually still working on the
> project?
> Another suggestion; for the bugs on the website that are particular to
> certain translators, perhaps we should create specific "sub-packages"
> for each translation, so that the translation bug reports more easily
> can be re-assigned to those responsible for them.

	Agreed. I think Joy said that this could be enforced to with the
WML_SRC_USERNAME and WML_GEN_HOSTNAME used in generating web pages (which
points to the email of the person in charge of the page).
	BTW, You might encounter also non-english bug reports, so we need a
way to automatically handle what language the bug report is written in so
that in might be re-assigned easily (w/o understanding its meaning).



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