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Re: which netscape? lynx set-up?

On Sun, Jul 02, 2000 at 12:48:11AM -0500, Philippe wrote:
> (1) I've downloaded Navigator 4.08 for linux 2.0; after installing, and
> trying to execute netscape, the shell says it's not an executable binary
> (it's a binary allright). Is it because I should get linux 2.0 glibc? what
> is glibc anyway? gnu library? (note, during mount of /dev/hda, I 
> did keep linux 2.0 compatibility when asked)

Hmmm... Let's gather some information. First, find where the program is
by running the which command:
  which netscape

Then, find out what kind of file it is with the file command:
  file /output/from/the/which/command

If it gives you output like "symbolic link to /foo/bar/baz", then run
the file command on the symlink (e.g. /foo/bar/baz) until it tells you
something besides "symbolic link to".

Finally, give us the output of "ls -l" on that file. If it's a shell
script and you can determine which binary it's trying to execute, ls -l
and file that too.

> (2) Somehow I was able to download Navigator once using lynx. But it seems
> it's not doing well with large files. I failed to download Communicator or
> Navigator for linux 2.0 glibc. Maybe they're too big? lynx just freezes
> after download. Can lynx's memory be increased?

Use wget, it saves straight to disk so you don't have to worry about the
memory available. You can use the = key when the link is highlighted in
Lynx to find the url.

BTW, is there a reason you don't just install one of the Potato
prepackaged netscapes from non-free?

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