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Re: xterm cannot execute xterm (fwd)

On Tue, Jul 04, 2000 at 07:28:28AM -0400, Roy John Little wrote:
> Dear list, I am resubmitting my question.  Anyone have any ideas?
> While upgrading my glib-gtk libraries, I tried to first uninstall the
> originals using dselect.  When I realized that my whole x-windows system
> was being uninstalled, I did a ^C.  What I notice now is that xterm, the
> window I use for most of my work, will not execute x-type commands: xterm,
> xvidtune, xlock, xdvi, etc.  If I call up a Bash window, using the Debian
> menu, this has no trouble with respect to executing x-commands.  What
> could have gone wrong?

I'd suggest reinstalling your X packages.  Check the apt-get or dpkg man
pages for the forced reinstall syntax.

What's your $PATH look like from xterm and the bash terminal?

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