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Re: window-managers and GUI environments

> > while i'm still working on getting debian installed, i'd like to
> > look ahead to what options are available among the windowing
> > environments. 
> > 
> > i know of the following:
> > 
> > 	Gnome (? uses motif? )
> > 	KDE (? uses Q? )
> > 	Afterstep (? is this still used by anyone? an analogue of it is
> >   heavily used in the ms-w community, under the name 'litestep' )

I have been using (at home):
icewm + dfm
This is a really light system and I'm really satisfied with the
filemanager dfm. You can create icons to start programs and configure the
system as well so that a certain kind of file is always opend with a
certain program. 

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