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Zenith Z-Note MX Laptop

In my never-ending quest to install Debian on every non-standard piece of
hardware I can find, I am trying to install it on a P-75 16MB RAM 800 MB
Hard Drive Zenith Z-Note MX. There is a website about this which is very
helpful, but it does not discuss the PCMCIA drivers that are necessary.

I am installing from the Potato install disks and neither of the two
standard PCMCIA types listed seem to work. Does anyone know how to get past

In addition, I have a 3Com Etherlink III (3C589C) PCMCIA Ethernet NIC. It
isn't listed by name or number in the selection list.

If anyone has any suggestions on regarding how I might proceed, I would
greatly appreciate them.


A. Scott White
Director of Information Systems and Product Strategy
ACS Healthcare Solutions Group

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