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Yamaha 4416SX! Re: Advansys 3940UA Ultra-SCSI controller recommended?

I wrote regarding the Advansys 3940UA Ultra-SCSI controller:
> I can get this controller from buy.com for CDN$79 so it's very
> cheap.  I intent to use it mostly for external devices (CDRW,
> Zip, and an Ultra-SCSI ORB 2.2 GB removable-media drive).
> Anyone have comments or better suggestions? 

I see on the manufacturer's web page:


     Yamaha CD-RW drives, including model 4416S, may cause Linux
     to hang during initialization. This can be avoided by
     disabling the CONFIG_SCSI_MULTI_LUN option in the Linux
     kernel. Newer Linux kernels have this option enabled by

I'm using an external Yamaha 4416SX !
I can't disable multiple LUNs as I need that for a SCSI-emulated

Does anyone have this Yamaha CDRW and Advansys SCSI card?
Is this still a problem?


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