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Re: Why not Standard, Pre-Release, and Development versions?

>>>>> "montefin" == montefin  <montefin@finux.com> writes:

    montefin> Is there any requirement that Debian releases _must_ be
    montefin> labeled Stable, Frozen and Unstable?

    montefin> IMO, those labels are misleading and/or unnecassrily
    montefin> pejorative.

Not sure what the problem is...

    montefin> Certainly, today, Slink is the current Standard Debian
    montefin> version.

so, the following symlinks are currently used:

stable   --> slink
frozen   --> potato
unstable --> woody

    montefin> Soon it will be displaced, as the Standard version, by
    montefin> Potato, which hopefully will soon emerge from its
    montefin> Pre-Release lockdown.

When potato is officially released, the sym-links will change:

stable   --> potato
unstable --> woody

If I have missed the point, somebody else can fill in the details
I missed ;-).
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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