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Re: XFree86 server for ATI Rage 128 Pro

Brian Stults <bs7452@csc.albany.edu> writes:

> I had to upgrade to 4.0 you use my card.  The debs aren't available yet
> for reasons that have already been discussed on this list.  However, you
> can get the binaries or source code from xfree86.org.  I used the
> binaries and it was a snap.  The driver is called "r128".  They have
> pretty good documentation for how to get it running in the Release
> Notes.

sorry if this is redundant. there was a discussion on comp.os.linux.x
where someone mentioned a howto for this:
ati rage 128-howto: http://www4.ncsu.edu/~distclai/rage128-howto.html
(I believe a "chipset"-option is necessary)

until you have xfree86 4.01 running, you can use the "framebuffer
device" (if you have a 2.2-kernel). Set the kernel up so that it uses the
framebuffer (see the Framebuffer-HOWTO). It's pretty easy (I believe it was
just a kernel reconfigure/recompile), and then choose the "framebuffer-device"

Felix Natter

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