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Re: xfs-xtt - cannot establish any listening sockets

i'd suggest trying xfstt

honestly i dont know the difference between them other then being
different packages but i have many copies of xfstt running on multiple
machines with 0 problems.


On Sun, 23 Jul 2000, Brendon B wrote:

brendo >I'm trying to setup xfs-xtt, and when starting the process as user nobody
brendo >"xfs-xtt -user nobody" I can a fatal error to the effect it can't establish
brendo >any listening sockets. When I just run it as root without the -user param.
brendo >it loads fine.
brendo >
brendo >So the question.... How can it run as nobody and not get the error? (get
brendo >access to listening sockets)
brendo >
brendo >Tks
brendo >Brendon
brendo >
brendo >
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