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window-managers and GUI environments

[ alternate subject-line:
	"the big ol' debian tree. : GUI node." ]


while i'm still working on getting debian installed, i'd like to look ahead to
what options are available among the windowing environments.

i know of the following:

	Gnome (? uses motif? )
	KDE (? uses Q? )
	Afterstep (? is this still used by anyone? an analogue of it is heavily used in
the ms-w community, under the name 'litestep' )

and i'd like to build some sort of a tree for helping folks to choose from among
the options, and to install the chosen one(s).  (~~ external links, wget-lists,
etc. )

this'll take some doc-digging on my own, and may take some package-building if
there are options that aren't yet *.deb'd , but i wanted to gather the comments
from the community, about it, and to pick up on what other options there may be
for a linux GUI.

thank you.

-- s.c.

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