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Re: xfree86 4.01

It will happen eventuall.

I got the binaries and installed em straight up.  They work great.
Backup (rar) /usr/X11R6 and /etc/X11  first.  If you hose it real bad,
just recover them from the rar and you're back where you started.


Thus spake Ethan Pierce (ethan_pierce@gdt1.com):

> The deb packages for xfree4 dont seem to be out yet...will it happen do you guys think?  
> Im wondering if I should compile from source...I really want to get q3 running well and have been told 4.01 is wonderfull with the tnt2 card I have. 
> 1) Has anyone had any luck compiling from source?
> 2) What things to check for before installing? e.g.  anything special that I need before starting the process?
> Thanks for your input guys....Im scared to break X if I screw something up.
> -E
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