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Re: Xemacs and cvs problem...

>>>>> "Alwyn" == Alwyn Schoeman <alwyns@prism.co.za> writes:

    Alwyn> Hi, I'm using woody and helixgnome.  When I want to access
    Alwyn> a remote cvs repository from within Xemacs over ssh I get
    Alwyn> the error in emacs that "No controlling tty was found and
    Alwyn> thus couldn't get passthrase".

    Alwyn> Could someone please help me to fix this.  I have got
    Alwyn> ssh-askpass installed.

See <url:http://www.openssh.com/faq.html>, question 16, titled 'Portable
OpenSSH: Unable to read passphrase'.

Not sure if this is your problem or not though... Perhaps the xemacs
authors need to read this FAQ item. Still, the error is similar, so
hopefully this will help.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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