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Re: which netscape? lynx set-up?

On Sun, Jul 02, 2000 at 06:27:17PM -0500, Philippe wrote:
> well... 
> ls -l gives
> -r-xr-xr-x   1 5115     uucp    7220979 Sept 16 1999 netscape
> and executing it gives 
> bash: .../netscape : cannot execute binary file
> (netscape /output/... gives the same error message)

What output does the file command give? (it's in the file package, if
you don't have installed).

> netscape isn't on the 3CD release that I got from the vendor, LAN Comp
> systems. I'll try wget .   I'll cehck out if it's easier to download a
> potato prepackaged netscape...

Using the prepackages debs is usually easier, particularly since all
files are then installed into expected places. You could also install
fortify from potato non-us if you want 128-bit encryption (unless you
choose Netscape 4.73, fortify doesn't support that version).

> also, do you know how to configure an X manager so that a 1 button USB
> macintosh mouse can copy and paste in xterminals? (it is able to select
> text in emacs currently but not to paste by a click of a button, and it
> doesn't work at all anywhere else.)

Sorry... i'm forwarding this to the list, hopefully one of the Mac gurus
can help you.

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